Challenge: Most teams still struggle to distribute their video content to the best interception points where more buyers congregate.

Essentials for high-quality demand gen

Real success begins with audience

Events of any kind can’t pay off without getting the right people to attend. Unlike other providers, TechTarget already has the engaged audiences you want—more than 30M members in all. You’ll get better attendance to your sessions, and we help you make sure you’ll convert more leads into pipeline.

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Easy-to-use, with both automation and technical support

Incredibly easy to use, the extensible BrightTALK® platform has made us the largest destination for enterprise B2B-focused video-based content on the web, and the one embedded directly on more client websites. From our FastReg registration process to our built-in automations and integrations, we ensure you’ll reach your lead-capture goals at the best possible pacing. Whether you’re running webinar series, sponsoring TechTarget Editorial Summits or fielding your own virtual events, we offer both executional support for technical needs and world-class creative services so your brand looks its best.

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Get the outputs you’re actually going for

Whether your webinars comprise a major portion of your overall demand generation approach or you use them as a virtual engagement solution in support of ABM, customer-centric, or other target account-oriented programs, BrightTALK by TechTarget delivers the solution that’s right for you. We integrate directly into your marketing automation platform, so that no matter how segmented the channels you host with us, we’ll automatically feed your funnel with the data and the leads you need. And when you’re looking to build up visitors from a hyper-specific set of companies, our experts can help make that happen for you.

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Content that makes all the difference

When we set you up with a BrightTALK channel, we give you the technical capabilities to dive into building up your own audience of hyper-engaged fans. For clients who want to move even faster or compete even harder for a specific group of segments or accounts, we offer ready-to-sponsor expert sessions and the analyst resources to build up to your own signature events.

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