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Coalesce raises $50M to expand data transformation platform

The startup's new funding is a vote of confidence from investors given how difficult it has been for technology vendors to secure financing over the past two years.


Aerospike raises $114M to fuel database innovation for GenAI

The vendor will use the funding to develop added vector search and storage capabilities as well as graph technology, both of which can be used to train generative AI models.

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Vector vs. graph vs. relational database: Which to choose?

Vector databases enhance the use of generative AI. Organizations should consider how vector capabilities stack up vs. graph and relational databases before deciding which to use.

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Top 10 industry use cases for vector databases

Vector database popularity is rising as generative AI use increases across all industries. Here are 10 top use cases for vector databases that generate organizational value.

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Data Management/Data Warehousing Basics

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    Denormalization is the process of adding precomputed redundant data to an otherwise normalized relational database to improve read performance.

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    A query is a question or a request for information expressed in a formal manner.

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    database as a service (DBaaS)

    Database as a service (DBaaS) is a cloud computing managed service offering that provides access to a database without requiring the setup of physical hardware, the installation of software or the need to configure the database.

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