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5 use cases for edge computing in manufacturing

Edge computing's capabilities can help improve various aspects of manufacturing operations and save companies time and money. Learn some potential use cases.


Industrial 3D printing matures but faces steep climb ahead

Industrial 3D printing vendors are bolstering their products just as use cases and factors such as supply chain disruptions show the technology's usefulness.


6 industrial metaverse use cases for manufacturing

Industrial metaverse use cases for manufacturing include facility design and employee training, though adoption of the technology is still in its early stages. Learn more.


AI a top trend for supply chain, but experts urge caution

AI is being adopted for company supply chains, but organizations should guard against hype and assess the business value and feasibility of these applications.

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    digital thread

    A digital thread is a data-driven communication framework that connects traditionally siloed elements in manufacturing processes and provides an integrated view of an asset throughout the manufacturing lifecycle.

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    A warehouse management system (WMS) consists of software and processes that allow organizations to control and administer warehouse operations from the time goods or materials enter a warehouse until they move out.

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    transportation management system (TMS)

    A transportation management system (TMS) is specialized software for planning, executing and optimizing the shipment of goods.

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    Certinia adds AI capabilities to PSA cloud suite

    The PSA vendor adds AI functionality to its professional services cloud applications that are designed to help services firms manage customers, personnel, resources and projects.

  • ERP products and vendors

    Microsoft puts Copilot for Finance in public preview

    Microsoft's new generative AI assistant, Copilot for Finance, looks to help financial professionals become more efficient -- but adoption will depend on data quality.

  • ERP products and vendors

    QAD ERP makes platform play with ITP

    The new QAD Industrial Transformation Platform initiative is designed to provide customers with the applications and processes to become more adaptive and resilient.

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