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White-sounding names have edge in hiring, bias study says

A recent study exposes ongoing racial bias in hiring practices, showing that white-sounding names are often preferred, with a notable overall discrimination rate of 10%.


Learn how to improve employee survey response rates

Employee feedback is a valuable tool for every organization, yet workers may not feel motivated to fill out surveys. Learn how to improve employee survey response rates.


As AI expands, big tech to upskill, reskill 100M people

Cisco, Google, IBM, Microsoft and others will work to train 100 million people in digital skills by 2032. Details are lacking, however, including how this effort will be deployed.


AI reduces the need for humans in talent acquisition

AI is reducing staff at many companies, but it's also raising questions about how far automation can go in interacting with job applicants. Recruiters bring the human element.

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    recruitment management system

    A recruitment management system (RMS) is a set of tools designed to manage the employee recruiting and hiring process. It might be the most important core human resources (HR) system.

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    core HR

    Core HR (core human resources) is an umbrella term that refers to the basic tasks and functions of an HR department as it manages the employee lifecycle.

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    HR service delivery

    HR service delivery is a term used to explain how an organization's human resources department offers services to and interacts with employees.

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