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Blueprint for IT sustainability: Insights from top experts

Leading experts share insights on sustainable IT, covering green cloud computing, ESG compliance and innovative practices for reducing the ecological footprint in IT.


Generative AI emerges as sustainability opportunity

Generative AI can be a useful tool for helping business leaders achieve climate and sustainability goals.


6 sustainability reporting data tips for IT

Data overload presents a real challenge to ESG reporting. But with the right practices, IT teams can streamline their collection processes and help ensure sustainability success.


Key sustainability communications strategies for businesses

Sustainability communications are key to reaching lowered carbon emissions and other environmental goals. Learn practices that help improve outcomes and ways to avoid greenwashing.

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Sustainability and ESG Basics

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    5 ways to reduce an organization's digital carbon footprint

    From optimizing video conferences to minimizing unnecessary data storage, learn practical strategies that can help shrink an organization's digital carbon footprint.

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    embodied carbon

    Embodied carbon is the measurable greenhouse gas emissions of an infrastructure's entire construction, maintenance and demolition processes.

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    Sustainable IT efforts grow, but challenges remain

    As cloud computing and digital reliance grow, so too does the need to focus on sustainability. Here's a look at some of the issues, as well as some of the progress.

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