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Hammerspace reaches everywhere with erasure coding

Hammerspace has sped up its global file system everywhere it touches, even on white box hardware, with the addition of erasure coding technology it gained through an acquisition.


Could AI be the killer app for cold data?

Enterprises are beginning to use cold data they still need to store as a way to train AI models and gain more value from data they thought had served its purpose.


Vast Data namespace now reaches across GCP

Vast partners with Google Cloud to provide customers with AI tools that can be used on premises or in the cloud. It also puts Vast in another place where AI workloads are running.


Best practices for using Box cloud storage

Box cloud storage options could be a fit for enterprises. Features go beyond storage and include content monitoring, data migration and document management.

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Storage Technology Basics

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    software redundant array of independent disk (software RAID)

    Software RAID, also known as virtual RAID, is a form of RAID (software redundant array of independent disk) performed on an internal server.

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    storage as a service (STaaS)

    Storage as a service (STaaS) is a managed service in which the provider supplies the customer with access to a data storage platform.

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    enterprise storage

    Enterprise storage is a centralized repository for business information that provides common data management, protection and sharing functions through connections to computer systems.

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